Doing a bit of minor housekeeping today, like finally adding the Blender badge to the badges section and turning that into a marquee (not sure if people could tell it was scrollable so that was bugging me and I changed it). I also added the credits screen and background swapping features to the Game Boy Camera page like a week ago and forgot to make a log about it, whoops! That page is now feature complete, there just needs to be more pics in the gallery and I might make more backgrounds at some point.


Threw together a placeholder for the Dragon's Lair page yesterday. Mostly it was because I made a Dragon Cave account and grabbed some eggs without realizing they die in a week if not hatched so I had to make something really quick to put them on. Still haven't worked out how I want to structure the content and navigation of that section so it will likely be just eggs for a while. I also added several new Neocities links to the Links page!


Made the Pondering page a couple days ago - the basic structure of it is done, just needs some good ol' scripted interactibility. Still need to make more pics for the Game Boy Camera page. I've made the credits screen but haven't implemented it yet. I did a little bit of general site housekeeping just now, though - linked some more Neocities, added another quiz result, and updated the to-do list.


Knuckled down and did most of the Game Boy Camera page! All that remains is to take more pics for its gallery (under the 'check' menu item) and I want to make a credit screen under 'shoot' - couldn't have done the JavaScript without my bf who basically sat next to me and channeled wizard powers through my hands after I'd set up the rest of the page/done a nice little flowchart of interactibility. Screen graphics were largely captured from an emulator (with the graphics then edited in Krita to suit the background screen) and the music came from this page. VG resource didn't have the game in its sounds section so I also captured those from the emulator with Audacity.


This site is 3 months old today! I've also taken a break from gallery stuff to make the scaffolding for the Game Boy Camera page. There's gonna be more JavaScript on there than most pages and I have no idea how to do something that complex yet so that will come later. No, I'm not recreating the whole game - just a small gallery and some of the other weirdness I enjoyed.


Got a bit of new content up (namely 2011's gallery and some tidbits on the about page), but mostly I just optimized the heck out of a big chunk of my images and cut my storage usage in half (even though it's barely any in the first place X3). I've kind of settled on a process for future optimizing of images, so I won't have to go back over new ones. It has been a long time since I bothered using JPEGs - which was certainly in evidence based on which years already had their images in that format and which were Oops All PNGs!


Still plugging away at adding content to the galleries, namely the art galleries at the moment. There are a lot of years to go through but thankfully I've reached the 2010s! Some of these years are making me realize I should find some way to record video of some of the Flash stuff I did. I don't currently have a way to do that, but I'll likely find one!

Behind the scenes (which will show more when I get to the Time Machine stuff), it's been a doozy piecing together the chronology of 2007/08 specifically. A bunch of stuff is missing, including two entire OCs. I have had some luck in discovering a bit of lost media digging around and reactivating accounts I didn't realize I could access/reactivate and finding little tidbits. At the same time, though, some of it also reminds me once more how much on the internet is just purged if not preserved deliberately. 2003 and earlier are years I'd love to be able to map out properly as well, but nope! There's gonna be a lot of guesswork.


Been trying to completely populate the galleries page, at least to the point of having things in each section. Still need to take newer pics of my collections (and might add a plushie collection at some point, as well as pics of old desktop setups since I found some of those in my diggings).

Actually got some more stuff on the goodies page - I just made a Blender button I'd been meaning to make since I used it to make the shrine icons. I've also added a set of Windows 9X style icons I'd made for a project years ago but I figured I'd make them available here! Lastly, I added a bunch more people's Neocities buttons to the Links page. There's still a couple folks I wish had buttons but maybe someday!


Hit 9000 views last night! Had been saving a sound clip just for it - see if you can find it! Also just now got around to adding some stuff to the "neat stuff" section of the links page. I'd say it's now complete enough to remove Construction Pikachu from it. Slowly but surely ticking things off my to-do list!


Still have no idea what I'm going to actually put on any of my shrines content/layout-wise (will have to peruse others' sites for ideas), but I'm at least making the icons for the main Shrines page! I couldn't not use rotating 3D renders for them since I already have most of the models I'd want on-hand (the Star Trek ones are my own, as will be the 3 cats - I just have to make edits of another cat model I made).

For the Dragonball one I haven't decided whether to make Dragonballs or Vegeta. I have an alternate one for Star Trek of Data if I decide to do the latter and go full blorbo mode. I also want to do a bit more styling, like individual backgrounds or something. There are a couple more shrines I'm not sure if I'll actually do, as well (a pet bird from childhood and Rurouni Kenshin. Why did Watsuki have to turn out to be a pedo?).


No actual updates at the moment (though recently I've got all the clicky audio stuff fixed to be more spammable), but I will be back on this project soon! I've had a couple other things keeping it on the backburner. Also, today is my birthday! The about page has been updated accordingly.


Slow going, but I've been gathering data and compiling the timeline for eventual population of the Time Machine pages. It's fun digging around on the Wayback Machine and in various other places hunting down dates of things and getting a better picture of the sequence of my own earlier life than I've had since I was experiencing it. Sad that there's so much that is just completely lost for various reasons, particularly art prior to 2003 and during part of 2008. I'm sure there's also a lot from even the relatively preserved years I don't even remember that's lost, too.


Started adding some stuff to the galleries page. Links and about pages are partially complete. Shrines page just has some headers. Nothing in goodies or the time machine yet (still need to compile content for that).


First log entry! This site is almost a month old now, but I'm slowly getting the pages actually populated now that the main layout CSS is complete. There are currently the beginnings of the links page and the about page as I am writing this.
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