Found: 2/16/2009
Age: ~15
Sex: Female
AKA: Baby James, Jame, my Yame, Chame, Seamus, Jeem, CHEEM, my Jimb, Jim Jameulet, Jimble my Jameble, TEENY TINY, Jimlet the piglet ratlet, Chem, chm, jm, Chempfkth, Drapes, Grapes, Crepes, Shapes, Japes, Flap-rat, Ratlet, mama's rat, EERNT, grub, frog, Jdisc, a smol rat, Arm Rat, fat rocket, lil' fat, cave goblin, lil' scroblin, Lick Freak, old lady, mama's sidekick, Cat A, various noises beginning with "Ch"
Theme Song:

Baby James box text goes here, The Tale of James. TEENY TINY Jim Jameulet, my little TEENY TINY little rat with her little HAAAANDS. A smol rat, my little rat, a lick monster. It's Grub Time!



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