This is an alphabetical index of silly words and phrases I've come up with/used as a side-effect of having cats.

Babie | noun
A cat. Not to be confused with baby, the larval state of most vertebrates. Also refers specifically to Bibubop.

Babiebeans | noun
Bibubop’s toe beans.

Babiebricks | noun
Bibubop when he throws his weight into his back end in an attempt to not be picked up.

Babie loaf | noun
See bloaf.

Babie seam | noun
The line down the center of Bibubop’s tummy fur where it forms a peak. See also cow seam.

Babietummy | noun
Bibubop’s tummy.

Beans | noun
The toe pads on a cat.

Birdneck | verb
To extend the neck in order to smell or mark something with the face, especially as James.

Biscuit | verb
To knead, particularly when done to a human, who declares they're "being biscuited." See also turnt.

Bloaf | noun
Bibubop when he is sitting in a loaf posture. Portmanteau of babie and loaf.

Boop | verb
To reach out and gently tap a person or object with the forepaw.

CAT PARTY | noun
Phenomenon that occurs and is declared when all three cats are in the same room.

Cow seam | noun
The line down the center of Gigacow’s tummy fur where it forms a peak. See also babie seam.

COW TIME | noun
Phenomenon that occurs when one is sat on or stood on by Gigacow, and is declared in all caps.

Cow waddie | noun
Clump of fur shed from Gigacow. See also Jwaddie.

Dashies | noun
State in which a cat is compelled inexplicably to run around at high speed.

Disc | noun
A cat when it is curled up into a disc-like shape. See also Jdisc.

Feelers | noun
A cat’s whiskers.

Flaps | noun
The loose skin where a cat’s legs meet the body. See also Jflaps.

Fwebs | noun
The skin between the toes of a cat, especially of James, who has pronounced fwebs. Also applies to human fingers. Portmanteau of finger and webs.

Grub | verb
To pick up and hold a cat in a cradled position.

Grub | noun
James when she is grubbed.

GRUB TIME | noun
Phrase declared when James is grubbed.

Huge | verb
To fluff, specifically the tail - “She got spooked and huged her tail.”

Jdisc | noun
James when she is in a disc posture. Portmanteau of James and disc.

Jelbow | verb
(especially of James) To sit in a crouched posture with the elbows pointing up, particularly where the fur on the elbow forms a whorl.

Jelbow | noun
James’ elbow, especially when jelbowing. Portmanteau of James and elbow.

Jflaps | noun
James’ flaps. Portmanteau of James and flaps. See also flaps.

Jomble | verb
(especially of James) To meander about indecisively. Corrupted portmanteau of James and amble. See also orbital jombling.

Jomnipresent | adjective
A descriptor of James when she is jombling (especially orbitally) so excessively as to seem to be in many places at once. Portmanteau of James and omnipresent. See also jombling and orbital jombling.

Jsnor | verb
To snore, specifically as James. Corrupted portmanteau of James and snore.

Juice | verb
To look up lovingly and sleepily at mama while sitting on her lap, specifically as James. So called for the wet, juicy look of the eyes.

Jwaddie | noun
Clump of fur shed from James. Portmanteau of James and waddie. See also cow waddie.

Orbital jombling | noun
Phenomenon when jombling occurs in a looping path, such as around a seated human and their computer monitor. See also jombling.

Pompoms | noun
A male cat's testicles.

Pooch | noun
The primordial pouch.

Potato | noun
Gigacow when she’s belly-up on the floor.

Rat knux | noun
James' knuckles. Named for their small and rat-like appearance.

Summon | verb
To yell or howl with an object in the mouth (especially in a distant room) in order to get mama to come over, and/or to place these objects around or near mama while she's sleeping. Summoning is only done by James.

Torpedo bean | noun
The pointy bean on a cat’s wrist, particularly Bibubop’s. See also beans.

Turnt | noun
State when a person or object is being biscuited. Originates from the phrase being turned into a biscuit which was corrupted into being turnt. See also biscuit.

Waddie | noun
A clump of shed cat fur. Originates from waddies, a humorous name for a folder containing DOOM WADs used during a LAN party. See also cow waddie and Jwaddie.

Warblecrashies | noun
Warbledashies, but accompanied by Bibubop audibly crashing into things such as door frames, furniture, or a pile of objects.

Warbledashies | noun
When Bibubop is afflicted with the dashies and makes warbling noises while running about. See also dashies.

Worm | noun
Bibubop when he's burrowing/tunneling underneath blankets. Also called wormbabie.

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