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This is Amaruuk's webdump of archival ephemera from the turn of the millennium and some distance beyond. A Lagerstätte of images, GIFs, and other nonsense, if you will. Back in the day I was enamored with the world of little personal corners of the web trussed up with blinkies and CSS. By the time I got around to having my own websites, it was more for professional purposes, so this is my chance to play around old school.

I am not going to be bothered to test on mobile, so non-desktop visitors beware!

A lot of stuff that I made or brought me joy from the web has vanished over the years, and so I've made this little page to archive for myself what's still left of that fossil record. As I've seen in a lot of fellow thirty-somethings, I have come to value personal history, even down to the dumbest little minutiae. And I've always been a sucker for nostalgia :3

While the main feature of this site will eventually be the Time Machine, there are galleries (featuring collections and relevant art of my own), shrines, goodies, and extra pages where I'm faffing about with other aesthetics and ideas (in spite of the theming I've gone with for this site, sci-fi is not my usual stylistic wheelhouse so I want some blank slates to work with) - not to mention plenty of things to click on!

I am also an avid enjoyer of fun little nuggets of interactivity, so this site includes it wherever I can wedge some in, though much of it is still in the 'planned' state. On a related note, pretty much all the JavaScript on this site is credited to my fiancé, kts_kettek, who is an amazing wizard and a boon to my lazy ass that only knows HTML/CSS

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Wanna leave me a little doodle? Click HERE! The creator(s) of this retired it, but my fiancé is working on a successor of sorts. I'll add the link when it's ready!

The drawings I've got so far just below :3

Secret Drawings I've been sent - click to see them


Add content for the following pages:
  • Galleries (more wildlife photos, updated collections, other (plush collection, workspace history))
  • All Time Machine pages
  • Run! (more gallery pics)
  • Pondering (credits popup link, orb behavior script, deeper rabbit hole)
  • Dragon's Lair (7/10 dragon pages complete, maybe more layout decor, dragon-themed stuff I have IRL)
  • Pet Zone (more content, maybe a few more graphics)

Add the following pages:
  • More shrine placeholders (Star Trek, Microraptor, ???)
  • All (proper) shrines/content
  • Extra pages (Arboretum, non-dragon creatures in Dragon's Lair, Amaruuk, TTRPG characters, SECRETS)

  • Add more sound effects
  • Add more secret clickables
  • Decide on an eighth shrine
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