This page is a collection of dragons which didn't meet the criteria for having their own page. Largely, this means they were only drawn once, or were otherwise standalone entities whose existence was more limited in scope than something like a mascot. Anything that was neither used to represent me nor had a prominent purpose or meaning goes here even if it did appear more than once. As much as possible, these will be presented in chronological order.


The exact chronology of these dragons' creation is lost to time, so they're going here.

The oldest surviving drawing I have, likely from the mid or late '90s

A shiny Charizard bowl from sometime in the mid-'00s

A ceramic mask from sometime in the mid-'00s


This year's dragon art was dominated by both the initial painting that later became Moony and the Vegeta dragon, so little else is left to go here.

A painting done in the same summer art class as the proto-Moony one

A little pen doodle of a Charizard

The avatar I made when I joined PokéCommunity Forums


Not much going on here outside of more Charizard and some single-use noodle dragons drawn alongside existing recurring ones.

The Vegeta dragon and a one-off female ally fighting a one-off foe

A random Super Saiyan Charizard done on an oekaki site

A recovered thumbnail of Moony and a one-off pair that was swiftly replaced with the Sun Dragon


While the Moon and Sun dragons dominated this year, a few other random things made appearances.

A one-off dragon which was named "Starr" but has no association with the actual later Starr

Mew, if it were designed as a Dragon-type

A completely random dragon

A splice edit of a Charizard sprite to be Ghost-type

A sprite for a Valentine's Day pixel art contest on PokéCommunity


Outside of Starr, this year featured far more foxes/kitsunes than dragons.

A magic dragon done at my first job that was ultimately never used


Eliminating revisits of older dragons and the logo that would later become the first dragon Kinarii, the only other things are these.

My '00s propensity for drawing noodle dragons and foxes, together at last

Just a random sketch


This tumultuous year was bursting at the seams with dragons, being the year of inception for 5 of the 9 major dragon characters. In addition to them, there were quite a few one-offs.

Random winged dragons as a contrast to Kinarii having to use a balloon

An angsty dilemma in dragon form

The Charizard from Smash Bros. Brawl, but it's Roark (an in-joke with a forum friend)

A birthday present for the same friend the sea dragon is based on

Lina from Slayers

Gourry from Slayers

Zelgadis from Slayers


This year was so crammed full of dragons that I had to leave out some of the more minor sketches.

A painting featuring Kaegro facing off against a huge serpentine dragon

One of three posters done for an assignment (the others being a griffin and a phoenix)

The first commission I ever did, a piece for Goldkin

The second commission I ever did, a piece for BD666

A domino-themed dragon for the same person as Kaegro

A series of expressions for practice

The cast of characters from a scrapped project involving aspects of the mind embodied as dragons - wisdom, ambition, ego, intellect, creativity, emotion, and apathy

A random ink drawing

A dragon design I did for my best friend

Some Falcor fanart after watching The Neverending Story

A skeleton for an anatomy class assignment

A one-off metaphorical drawing - the generic dragon represents the same person that the gold dragon does


A considerable amount of this year's artistic efforts were spent on developing the Dawnbringer as a species and other creatures from its world, leaving not much else in the random dragon department.

The third commission I ever did, a piece for Figarou

A very early digital sculpture intended as a gift


The year I got my degree. Like the previous year, much of it was spent on development of other things, but there were still some random dragons mixed in there.

Gift art of an Earth dragon

A random drawing/art style experiment

A random speedpaint

One of a short series called Demons of the Dark Season depicting embodiments of winter


I spent my first year of freedom doing a lot of different creature art, but there are a fair few dragons in there. This is also the cut-off year of my main portfolio website - nothing older than this is still displayed in my more professional galleries.

A redraw of that dragon fight drawing from the '90s

Some of the creatures I did for Sketchuary were dragon-y

One of the Sketchuary creatures I went on to color was one of the dragons

A speedpaint done for a short-lived speedpaint prompt trio I was in

A speedpaint done for a short-lived speedpaint prompt trio I was in

A green anole-inspired dragon - this painting is still available on Redbubble

A WIP that was meant to be a companion piece to the other lizard dragon

I scrapped that unfinished painting in favor of making it a sculpture, but it too was never finished


The year I started setting the upward trajectory of my life in motion (or so I thought at the time). Between revisits of old dragons and new characters/subjects (chiefly paleoart), there was still plenty of room for one-offs.

Didn't make it all the way through, but Sketchuary's drawings were all dragons

One of the Sketchuary dragons got the color treatment afterward

A dragon with a little bird friend - this is still available on Redbubble

A ceramic sculpture I made at my aunt's house, named Willow

An unfinished painting of an ascending dragon


Outside of the continued art of the gold dragon/Dawnbringer, dragons were a dying breed this year in my art. After this, they disappeared altogether for the rest of the decade, in part due to unintended life changes/career failure putting a damp on a lot of personal art, and a shift to paleoart as a primary subject.

A random dragon I was doodling at an indie game con the day I met my bf

One of very few Inktober doodles I managed to do


After a massive hiatus, dragons finally reappeared in my art again in the summer of this year.

After my car of 17 years was totaled by a falling tree, I commemorated it with a dragon character

This was my first year doing Art Fight, and some of the characters I attacked were dragons

My fourth ever commission, for my pal txteclipse of the same character I attacked for Art Fight


Besides a revisit of two of my older dragons, Art Fight was the only source of dragon art this year.

Art Fight attack on the legendary Shinerai

Art Fight attack on GreenStorm64
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