This is the section of the shrine dedicated to compiling and preserving the chronology and various geists of different bouts of DB obsession in my lifetime.

Something you love for a very, very long chunk of your life hits a little different each time it comes back to the forefront. Maybe you express it differently, maybe you're better at art than you were before, maybe you wanna tell your own stories now, maybe some interesting stuff has been added to the canon since last time, maybe you've got a new friend in the fandom, or maybe you're simply older and resonate with the contents in a new way or deepened older facets of appreciation.

Each link above will take you to one of the separate major chunks of time wherein I engaged with DB in some fashion. It's a little bit arbitrary - since my earliest memories are gone, I'm assuming 2000 was the starting point, and I don't know if it was truly a single continual thing through 2002, or whether it bled into 2003 at all. 2007-2008 is also kind of hazy, because though there's art from that period and part of it was characterized by someone I was connected with at the time, it's unclear whether it was one continuous re-fixation or just the same background nostalgia that colored the last of the aughts.

There was a gap where I had a different fixation before the 2004-2005 era. However, I'm treating the 2020s as one continuum in spite of 2022 also very clearly being a gap year where I fixated on Star Trek instead. The vibes of 2020-2021 basically just slow burn picked back up in 2023 and continue with vigor today, at the time of this writing in 2024.

Unlike the other sections, the 2010s weren't so much a distinctive fixation period as they were a long stretch of time in which the occasional brief bout of fandom nostalgia occurred or I simply re-watched the show. Though I tried to check out DBS when it was first coming out, it didn't capture my attention and so I didn't get around to watching it properly until the 2020s.