The sketch that was likely Starr's first appearance
Starr was a short-lived mascot/avatar dragon created in the spring of 2007. Little remains of her, though little existed in the first place. She likely began as some random sketch I made of a dragon with an experimental wing design and a starry motif. After turning the design into some wallpaper art, I ended up co-opting the dragon for another attempt at branding and layout, and she became Starr. She was the initial avatar for

The layout of unknown purpose featuring Starr
my second deviantART account (back in the days when you couldn't change usernames, you just had to make a new account), SpiritStarlight. This handle was also used on IMVU in the autumn of 2007 (before that, I used the name PixelDragon, which was also in association with Starr and a successor to DragonOfTheMoon).

Starr definitely saw the most use on IMVU, where I made a set of wings and a themed outfit. The existence of a sticker image points to my profile design having also featured her for a time, but like the Moony-themed profile designs before, the Starr layout has not been preserved and thusly cannot be shown. Another peculiarity about Starr is that unlike almost all other self-representational mascots - dragon or otherwise - she was never paired with another entity, existing more as a brand than an extension of myself and my emotions.


This is the wallpaper made from that initial sketch. I liked it enough at the time to continue using the design, which is not something that happens often.

Here's all the IMVU-related stuff - I even did a drawing. This half-dragon character can also be considered a form of Starr.

After I did all my reboot art, I decided to make an IRL sticker of the new 2023 Starr since people seemed to like her. You can buy it here!

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